A note on road safety requirements in Africa

The further we travel, the more adornments and accessories our vehicle accumulates. We started out from Uganda with a “Matoke Tours” wheel cover and a little Ugandan flag flying from the back window, plus a fire extinguisher, jumper cables, tyre jack and tool kit.  In Tanzania, a policeman asked to see our two emergency traffic triangles, which we didn’t have but promptly purchased in the next town, Segera. In Malawi, an officer demanded to know why we didn’t have reflective tape on our vehicle, red in the back and white in the front. No one seemed to sell the stuff, until we reached Nkhata Bay and were able to buy the red tape but not the white. Little squares of medical tape, however, seem to do the trick, at least from afar. In Mozambique, we were supposed to also carry a reflective vest like the kind worn by construction workers, but seeing as we were in the country for less than 24 hours, we got away without it. WHAT will they ask for next? An emergency helicopter landing pad????!


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