Kampala to Capetown (and back): a summary so far

Days on the road: 12

Distance travelled: 3961 kilometres

Countries visited: Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Mozambique and Zimbabwe.

Six countries in two weeks! It hardly does justice to the places, but we need to keep moving to make it to the World Cup in time. If anything, I am scoping out where to come on subsequent vacations.  Maputo and Mozambique’s beaches are definitely on the list, as are scuba diving in Lake Malawi. But here are a few highlights from this trip:

– Sailing with Tim and Jill on the brilliant Indian Ocean  and enjoying the world’s freshest seafood!

– Camping in the highlands near Iringa, Tanzania, at The Old Farmhouse.  We built a fantastic campfire and enjoyed the immense silence and stunning night sky.

– Snorkeling along the shore in Lake Malawi.  The Lake is so blue and so vast that for a split second I mistook it for the ocean. The water is crystal clear, the very essence of blue, and teeming with hundreds of species of siclid fish.

– Hiking to the town of Livinstonia, Malawi, one kilometer in altitude, and camping on a Cliffside overlooking the lake.

– Crossing the Zambezi River! There is only bridge at Tete, Mozambique, and miles of atrocious traffic. We sleep at the “Jesus e Bom” campsite, just at the edge of the languid, slow-moving river, and wake up early to beat the morning rush. We think we hear hippos but it was probably just small motor skiffs in need of a tune-up.

– Encountering dozens of other travelers on their way to the World Cup, all crazier than we are! Caravans of Dutch people, driving screamingly orange cars, have come all the way from Holland to support their team. We have also met a German family touring Africa in an old fire truck, and an American hitchhiker who rode from Kenya to Ethiopia on a cattle truck.

From here, we are off to the Great Zimbabwe and Masvingo, probably a quick detour through Botswana to avoid the infamous Zimbabwe-South Africa border point, and then to Johannesberg for our first World Cup game! Stay posted for more.


2 responses to “Kampala to Capetown (and back): a summary so far

  1. Hi Have been waiting for the update… ?

    • velellavelella

      I plead irregular and slow internet connections…but an update with plenty of photographs will be up soon!

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