religious illogicality

Superstition relating to numbers is nothing new.  The West worries about Friday the 13th and the number 13 in general.  China doesn’t like anything involving four: its pronunciation in Mandarin sounds just like the word for death. But a religious cult in Uganda has taken this to a whole new level.

The New Vision reported that members of the group Injilli (“good news”), in Nabyoko village, Sironko district, have taken their children out of school because the government Pupil Identification Number (PIN) associated with the school is 666. And according to the book of Revelations in the Bible, 666 is “the beast’s symbol.”

“I will not take my children to school unless the PIN is withdrawn. I want my children to serve God and not the beast,” says Woniala, a concerned parent and member of the cult.

The New Vision writes:

“The members have stopped taking their children to school. They do not use the services of banks or hospitals. They also do not use computers, mobile or fixed landline telephones or the fax. The Injilli also do not take photos because they claim cameras have the PIN for the beast.
Others do not take children for immunisation, fearing the PIN will be injected in them.

Milda Woniala, 34, also a member of Injilli… says the Government has forced all the children in schools to have a PIN, making them devils. ‘They do not want them to have eternal life. I have pulled my two children out of school.’”

Authorities now estimate that over 20,000 children in eastern Uganda have been forced out of school over this PIN debacle.

Wonderful.  These children will never even learn to count to 666, but they will grow up in fear of it.


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