annular eclipse of the heart

For the first time in 62 years for Uganda – and for the first time in my life – there was a solar eclipse.

A rounded chunk was slowly being eaten out of the sun as I walked to work this morning. By the time I had checked my email, scanned the headlines and crossed two things off my to-do list, the brilliant Kampala morning had sunk back into a pre-dawn gray. I admit, I had grand visions of the city coming to a complete standstill as it was engulfed in darkness, but nothing quite so dramatic happened: turns out it was only an annular eclipse, not a total one.

Still, it was the longest eclipse of the millennium, lasting almost three hours in total. Supposedly the next annular eclipse of that length won’t cast its shadow until December 23rd 3043. And Uganda won’t see any kind of eclipse until 2125. In honour of that, I’ve compiled a list of songs that relate to eclipses:

Total eclipse of the heart, by Bonnie Tyler
Eclipse, by Pink Floyd

ok I’m out. please help!


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